Yorkshire Air Ambulance save Egton pupils life - here's how the school said thanks

A local Primary School have donated funds to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance after it rescued one of their pupils.

Sunday, 14th October 2018, 2:54 pm
Updated Sunday, 14th October 2018, 2:58 pm
Yorkshire Air Ambulance get a cheque from Egton School. Head Liz Orland, Kevin Hutchinson of the Air Ambulance, Bea Grenfell, Ex Air Ambulance Pilot Andy Hall, Bonnie Grenfell and Mum Vicky cheer with the school children. Picture by Richard Ponter rp184315

On Tuesday, pilot Andy Hall visited Egton C of E Primary School to receive the cheque and surprise Beatrice Grenfell who was assisted by the charity earlier this year.

The Air Ambulance flew out to Beatrice Grenfell, known as Bea, when she began fitting and became unresponsive in January.

Her mum, Vicky Grenfell said: "She became completely unresponsive during a seizure, she started turning blue and fitting.

"I called 999 and spoke to the operator and at the same time the Air Ambulance listen in on the calls and they both came straight away.

"The paramedics worked on her then the air ambulance came and flew her to James Cook hospital.

"They completely saved her life."

The five-year-old was taken into paediatric intensive care and put into an induced coma.

During her stay in hospital they conducted tests on Bea, who was later diagnosed with a genetic condition type one Neurofibromatosis.

"She was very sick and very weak after being in hospital. It took her a long time to get over it. Due to the strong antibiotics and antivirals it took her ages to get her immunity back", Vicky added.

Due to her illness, Bea had time off school to recover which Vicky describes as "a little family and a close unit."

The school sent get well soon cards and "really supported her over a very emotional time."

It was then decided that the Primary School would raise money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance as part of their annual summer play.

Pupils at the school were asked which charity they would like to raise money for and according to headteacher, Liz Orland, "there was just no contest."

The play Alice in Wonderland was decided and 55 children took part in two performances at St Hilda's Church, in July.

There were collections for the charity after both shows which altogether raised £500.

The cheque was presented to charity's representative's Kevin Hutchinson and Andy Hall at Egton C of E Primary School on Tuesday.

It also gave Bea and mum Vicky a chance to meet Pilot Andy Hall, who flew the air ambulance on the day that saved Bea's life.

Andy's visit was a surprise to Vicky who was "completely shocked" and said how "amazing it was that he came."

She added: "It was absolutely lovely that he came and it gave me a chance to thank him for everything that he did for Bea.

"I would also like to thank Mike Pickett and John Kaisder, the paramedics in the road ambulance who were incredible and Pete Rhodes and Anthony Platt who were in the Air Ambulance.

"The work that day was amazing and we are all so incredibly grateful to them for what they did."

Bea's rescue by the Yorkshire Air Ambulance will be shown on Helicopter ER, on Really TV, at 9pm tomorrow.

For more information about the Yorkshire Air Ambulance or to donate visit: www.yorkshireairambulance.org.uk