Yobs 'kick seagull to death' in third attack on protected birds

A seagull has reportedly been “kicked to death” by yobs in Whitby just days after another bird was left with severe injuries after a man kicked it in the street.

Police confirmed they are appealing for information to an incident on Pier Road on August 11 when a man who was eating chips kicked and injured a seagull.

The latest Whitby seagull incident brings the total number of attacks to three in the space of a week.

The latest Whitby seagull incident brings the total number of attacks to three in the space of a week.

And the Gazette has learned of the two further attacks reported to Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary, bringing the total number of attacks to three in a week, including an incident in when a group of men allegedly “kicked a gull to death.”

Alex Farmer, who runs the Sanctuary, said she is shocked at the actions of those carrying out the attacks.

She told the Gazette: “We are dismayed, we are trying our best to promote humane behaviour towards all wildlife. We know there are complaints against gulls but this behaviour is extremely cruel and shocking. Gulls are attacked more than any other species we deal with.”

The wildlife sanctuary has one of the gulls in its care, with the bird kept in a specially padded box due to being disorientated.

Alex said: “One of our volunteers collected him. He had a ruptured airsac and was very disorientated, he can’t stand up. We have created something to hold him steady.”

Alex says that these are not the first instances of gulls being attacked, with the sanctuary dealing with many cases over recent years: “We have had gulls brought in where drivers have deliberately run them over and we’ve had people use food to kill gulls by throwing their chips into the road to get them run over.

"We have also had a gull that was completely painted red and another that had been tied up with fishing wire wrapped around its beak.”

In response to the Pier Road incident on August 11, a police spokesman said: “Cruelty to animals is a sickening offence. Enquiries are ongoing and people are urged to come forward with information that could help identify the suspect.”If you can help, call the police on 101 and ask for Lynne Butler.”

The video shows the seagull disorientated while being cared for at Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary.