Xscaping for a day out

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A GROUP of local teenagers who voluntarily give up their time to help out at a charity have been rewarded with a trip to an extreme sports centre.

The Junior Helpers meet throughout the year to do fundraising and support the activities at Interactive Whitby and District.

Over the summer holidays they gave up a fortnight to help out with the play schemes and as a way of saying thankyou they young people have been awarded over £1500 from North Yorkshire County Council’s keyfund.

It will be used to fund a trip to Xscape in Castleford where they will be able to take part in activities such as skiing and sledging.

The trip will also include a group of people with disabilities and special needs and a special disabled ski lift and instructor has also been arranged.

In order to get the money the youngsters had to do a presentation on what they have been doing to help the community.