Writers to produce book at sci-fi convention

Whitby author Gareth Spark
Whitby author Gareth Spark

Whitby writers Gareth Spark and Chris Firth will co-write, co-ordinate, edit and publish a book at the Whitby Sci Fi Convention at the Whitby Pavilion today (Sat).

With the help and blessing of the conventions organisers, they will run a writing table where customers at the festival will be able to contribute ideas, characters and full chapters to the book.

If all goes to plan, the book will be ready for Kindle publication that evening, with the paperback version available by the following Wednesday.

Loosely, the book will be a sci-fi conspiracy thriller dealing with the end of human civilisation of Earth in 2313, and the creation of ‘survival domes’ in the sub-ice oceans of Europa, the water and oxygen rich moon of Jupiter.

The Paradise Domes on Europa are for the rich and privileged illuminate survivors who can afford to flee the doomed planet - but not everything goes to plan.

Chris Firth said: “We have a story outline idea, but anything could happen on the day.

“People will be coming up and putting their ideas in – people can write themselves into the book as the super hero/sci-fi character they are dressed as, or as themselves in human form.

“Whatever happens, the book will be edited and ready for publication before midnight.

“Gareth and myself are used to working on ideas together so hopefully we are up to same day deadline the challenge.”

Chris and Gareth will be writing away at the Electraglade Press table at the convention, where Science Fiction and other books will be on sale.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the Europa book or e-mail ideas for the day.

For more informartion, email electraglade@aol.com or call 07868995455