Worksop: Metal detector enthusiast from Kilton unearths 17th century cufflinks in Doncaster field

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A commemorative pair of silver cuff links that date back to the 17th century have been discovered in a Doncaster field.

Ian North, from Kilton, Worksop, a metal detector enthusiast and one of the founding members of the Coil to the Soil MDC group, stumbled upon the cuff links when he was searching a field in Norton in the early hours of October 3rd last year.

The silver cuff links, which are slightly scuffed but still intact, are thought to date back to 1662 and were produced to commemorate the wedding of monarch Charles II to Catherine of Braganza. Mr North, 30, reported the find in December last year as required by law.

Experts say at least 10 per cent of the cuff links are silver and are in two parts, instead of one, due to a small fracture in the pin designed to bind them together.

The cuff links depict a crown and two hearts.

Mr North, who says he is passionate about his metal detecting hobby, says he has been regularly searching fields across the borough for the last three years and this is the best thing he has ever found.

He said: “I got back from holiday and cheekily sneaked out to do a bit of metal detecting in a field in Norton at about 5am.”

“I was just heading back to my car, when the detector picked up something within a 100 metre radius.”

“I went back to search and found the cuff links within an hour. I took them home, cleaned them up and researched them. Finally finding some treasure is brilliant.”

It has been sent to the British Museum and experts said it qualifies as treasure because of its precious metal content and its age.

Doncaster Museum has also expressed an interest in acquiring it.

Mr North says he is proud to have found the cuff links, and believes it is important that people follow the legal process when rare items of this nature are discovered.

He said: “People who don’t recort their items are ruining it for everyone. It’s been worth it for me.”

Anyone interested in joining the Coil to the Soil MDC metal detecting group should call Ian North on 07792754910.