Whitby's Suez Specials - a reminder of the brave war heroes who left us

Re '˜Railway to the rescue of Suez Specials'.

Thursday, 1st November 2018, 3:00 pm

Reading the above story of the Suez Specials and the picture of a train and carriages going over Sandsend viaduct, brought back to me some sad but wonderful memories of standing on Staithes Railway Station in September, 1939, with my mother and siblings and a khaki-clad dad.

We were watching a train approach from Hinderwell with khaki-clad men from all the villages along the line, starting at Whitby of them leaning out of the carriages laughing and shouting greetings.

These men were the territorials going off to an unknown fate to fight at the outbreak of World War Two.

The train with the Staithes men on board made its slow way across the viaduct and wound its way round the bend to make its way to Grinkle Tunnel.

I will never forget watching these brave men waving and shouting their goodbyes as they set off to an unknown fate - many never to return.

God bless the Whitby Gazette for reminding us of what we lost when the local railway lines were closed.

Winifred Craig

Cliff Road