Whitby's 'big cat' mystery deepens after another sighting

It's a mystery that stretches back years...and now another sighting of a large cat near Whitby has added fuel to the rumours.

Monday, 25th September 2017, 1:01 pm
Updated Monday, 25th September 2017, 1:07 pm
A big cat caught on camera earlier this year.

A holidaymaker on a week-long break in Stainsacre was taking a walk along the Cinder Track when the beast appeared in front of them.

Pauline Kerman said: “On Monday we walked along the Cinder Track into Whitby and just before we left the path to go down some steps into Whitby we saw a large cat approximately 200 yards from us.

“Before I could get my phone out to take a picture it went into the shrubbery.

“We walked to try and see it but it had gone but it was definitely big and we saw its tail - it looked very much like a puma.”

The sighting is not the first in the area, with the mystery occurring for years.

Earlier this year, Alan Adams from Skerry Hall Farm bed and breakfast, based near Robin Hood’s Bay, captured footage on a wildlife camera of a huge cat, carrying unique leopard spot markings (pictured).

Back in 2012 a huge black cat was spotted behind a house in Sandsend, while in 2006 readers contacted the Gazette to tell of a large creature which had “black fur with a brownish tinge” again near the Cinder Track at the Bay.

Other mysterious sightings in the area over the years include a UFO in the skies above Port Mulgrave in 2012.

A reader told the Gazette she had seen a flying object with “six big orange lights around it.”

Have you spotted anything unusual in the Whitby area?