Whitby students on board with story challenge

Caedmon College welcomed local primary schools to take part in activities on The Literacy Hub.

Monday, 22nd October 2018, 8:00 am
The Literacy bus visits Caedmon College Whitby.

Students from the college’s year seven – Wilbur Cooke, Sam Brown, Daniel Shone-Hatchwell, Evie Craven, Harriet Graham and Mabel Witney – all helped younger students achieve the most out of the adventure.

The Literacy Hub is delivered by The National Literacy Trust and aims to heighten awareness of different forms of literature for young people, from story-telling to genres of books and reading students may not have had the opportunity to experience before.

Stephen Joseph Theatre outreach staff were on hand to help excited students ‘write’ their own stories, by telling each other, taking inspiration from a range of items or topics they had to try and include.

Literacy Co Ordinater Liz Dyer with pupil Katie Fellows, of Airy Hill.

Children were shown how to emphasise and dramatise their stories to make them more interesting and fun.

Wilbur said: “The story we all made up together about the pig in the fish and chip shop was hilarious! It was a bit random, but it worked!”

Sam Brown supported Wilbur by adding: “I would never have thought a whole busload of us could come up with a story like that together.

“It was really good”.

All students were awarded goody bags with a reading book and book mark.