Whitby skip hire firm told to clean up its act

The pile of rubbish at Wharton Skip Hire in Whitby
The pile of rubbish at Wharton Skip Hire in Whitby
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A Whitby firm which sparked outrage from residents after a mound of rubbish was allowed to pile up in its yard has been served with enforcement action.

The waste disposal site run by Wharton’s Skip Hire in California Road hit the headlines last month after Whitby Town councillors likened the problem to the third world city of Mumbai in India.

They had raised fears about the waste and possible pollution at nearby Calla Beck, a site of scientific interest.

Now the Environment Agency has served the firm with a legal notice.

A spokesman for the agency said: “The Environment Agency is working with Wharton’s Skip Hire to ensure that the excess waste at their Spital Bridge site in Whitby is removed.

“We have issued an enforcement notice on the business that requires the waste to be removed, and we will be closely monitoring progress to ensure the notice is complied with.

“Waste sites of this nature can potentially have a detrimental impact on the environment and local communities – that’s why it is essential that such sites are operated appropriately within the remit of their environmental permits.”

The site is leased to Wharton’s by North Yorkshire County Council which owns the land.