Whitby’s relief lifeboat carries out first rescue

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WHITBY’S RNLI crew carried out its first rescue using its relief lifeboat on Tuesday night.

It was much shorter than the last rescue it undertook which ended with the George and Mary Webb vessel being taken out of service after suffering a “catastrophic” engine failure.

Using the Forward Birmingham boat, which is on loan from Scotland, the crew were called out at 7.25pm to assist the Pride and Joy fishing vessel which had run into difficulty at the bellbouy just outside Whitby harbour.

Some old rope had got stuck around the boat’s propellor and there was no steering so the lifeboat towed the Pride and Joy back into the harbour.

They were back on station within half an hour, in stark contrast to a shout a fortnight ago to a stricken yacht which took almost seven hours due to bad weather conditions and engine failure on the George and Mary Webb.

On Tuesday the George and Mary Webb was taken to Amble in Northumberland where it will be lifted out of the water so the engine can be replaced and the Hartlepool lifeboat Whitby had been using was also returned.