Whitby’s ‘extraterrestrial’ town councillor calls it a day

Simon Parkes has resigned from Whitby Town Council
Simon Parkes has resigned from Whitby Town Council

Simon Parkes, the town councillor who claimed his mother was a 9ft green extraterrestrial, has resigned.

Mr Parkes, who represented Stakesby Ward, gave up his seat with immediate effect via a letter read out at the meeting of Whitby Town Council on Tuesday.

He said that increasing work commitments had led him to the decision that it was time to call it a day.

Mr Parkes added that he would always be “proud” to to say that he had served on the town council, adding “others must now take up the challenge.”

He revealed that he had not intended to stand for re-election anyway, but felt it best to stand down immediately.

Mr Parkes was elected to Whitby Town Council in 2012. He later hit the headlines when he claimed his mother was an alien and that he had experienced numerous extraterrestrial encounters, including one in which he lost his virginity to an alien at the age of just five.

Earlier this year he attracted national media attention once again when he claimed a race of alien reptiles called ‘the Nordics’ were to blame for the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine as they were advising Russian president Vladimir Putin on foreign policy.

Speaking in Ferbuary, Mr Parkes told the Whitby Gazette that “the Nordics advising Russia is not a big deal, this sort of thing happens all the time.”