Whitby Regatta secretary in plea for more helpers

The secretary of the Whitby Regatta has called for more helpers to organise the event
The secretary of the Whitby Regatta has called for more helpers to organise the event

Whitby Regatta officials have made a plea for volunteers after an open meeting arranged last Saturday was poorly attended.

The meeting, held in the ballroom at the Royal Hotel, was put on to scotch rumours around the Regatta, and to give locals the chance to put across any complaints they may have, or any suggestions that they want to put forward to improve the Regatta.

However, despite advertising the meeting a number of weeks prior to it happening, only one member of the public showed up.

The lack of support prompted a frustrated reaction from organisers on Facebook, putting out a post after the event.

Regatta secretary Ian Winspear said: “The turnout was disappointing, especially so after what happened last year with comments on social media, people saying ‘why can’t you do this?’ and ‘why can’t we have that?’

“We were hoping to explain to people who did complain why those things, such as the army zip wire for example, don’t happen any more.

“The army zip wire doesn’t happen any more, they don’t do it, so they can’t come along and do it.

“Things like the motorised floats for the parade – they can be done, but we need a number of things in place to allow them to happen, we can’t just turn up and do it. We need, as a committee, to check drivers’ HGV certificates, make sure they have the correct insurances and put rolling road blocks in place.

“We need more volunteers is the bottom line, or more people to come along and say they’ll organise something from start to finish and take ownership of it. We’ll support it.

“We’re always open to ideas, we’ve said that from the start, but we also need people to run these things.

“Currently we only have 10 committee members, and 10 volunteers who’ll come along and help us on a weekend. We’re spread very thinly.

“Those volunteers, who tend to be members of the chairman’s family, will come and man the market stalls, but then have to dash off and organise the fun run to make sure that goes okay, and do numerous jobs that people possibly don’t realise need doing.”