Whitby Regatta Red Arrows bid unsuccessful

The red Arrows fly over Whitby Abbey.
The red Arrows fly over Whitby Abbey.

The bid to bring the Red Arrows to this year's Whitby Regatta has hit turbulence, with the flying aerobatic team unavailable due to committing to a job in the south.

The response from the RAF events team said that each year requests far outstrip the resources available and, whilst they try and support as many events as possible throughout the country, they are unable to accommodate the Regatta on this occasion.

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight consisting of a Spitfire, Hurricane and Dakota may display on Saturday, August 19 or Sunday, August 20 depending on availability.

Ivor Greer, chairman of Whitby Regatta said: "Whilst this was a great disappointment to all on the committee and to the general public we are never sure until we receive final confirmation that we have been successful in our bid or otherwise.

"Bids are submitted to the RAF Events Team at the end of September. The team spend October to November considering all the applications. The draft programme then goes to the Red Arrows management in December or January to check that what has been requested is feasible. MOD final approval is sought in January/February and the Events Team then write to everyone in March confirming the dates of the displays. Unfortunately this year we have lost out to air shows in the south of England. The agreement by Sirius Minerals to extend their sponsorship to cover the next three occasions that our bids are successful is pleasing and we are very grateful for their support.”