Whitby rail line offences spark police warning

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Youngsters have been trespassing on the Whitby to Middlesbrough railway line and throwing items at passenger trains – and they are being warned to stop.

PC Gary Sykes of British Transport Police wants people to be aware of the dangers and the possible consequences of trespassing or committing other offences on the railway.

“The nights are getting warmer now and people are out longer and later,” he said.

“We need to nip this in the bud and make everyone aware so they’re not getting themselves in danger.

PC Sykes said the British Transport Police will be out and about visiting schools locally to drum home the message that rail lines can be dangerous.

He said there had been reports of youngsters picking up trackside items like ballast and stone, and throwing them at trains.

“They are not pebbles and if they hit the train window, they will go through,” he warned.

“Whitby and Ruswarp are not major problem areas, but people think it’s fair game to cross the line.

“There are certain ways to cross the line and taking a short cut isn’t one of them.”

He said modern trains are quieter than ever and are not easily heard, especially when there is background noise, but can be a silent killer when they come round a corner at 60-70mph.