Whitby performers shine at Coastival

Whitby kids rehearsing a fire performance for Coastival festival''w110704   Picture: Ceri Oakes
Whitby kids rehearsing a fire performance for Coastival festival''w110704 Picture: Ceri Oakes
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WHITBY youngsters will be performing a spectacular fire act at Scarborough’s coastal festival this weekend.

At the festival, named the Coastival, eight young people ranging in age from 13 to 16, have been training with Let’s Circus from Newcastle for their performance.

Whitby area youth worker Deb Stelling said: “They’ve practised so hard for three weekends for their display.

“They do it really well and they pointed out themselves that learning to use fire like this would give children a respect for it and stop them playing dangerously with it.”

The display is done by making circles of fire with chains that have a paraffin soaked wick on one end.

The youngsters’ display will take place on Friday after the festival’s opening parade.

Also at the festival will be Aislaby-based artist Vivian Mousdell.

Walking on Whitby beach last summer people may have chanced upon shoes made of sand meandering up to the beach huts. They were part of an art Installation by Viv and she has adapted these for winter conditions in a beach shelter near Scarborough’s Spa Complex.

Vivian will also be running children’s workshops at Scarborough Library to create an underwater environment with the use of shadow puppets to encourage environmental awareness. These have proved so popular they are fully booked.

The Coastival running this weekend from 18 to 20 February is billed as six musical festivals in one. On Friday the Levellers will headline the event in the Spa Ocean Room with the support of the Tom Townsend Band.

On Saturday there’s jazz with the Scarborough Jazz Club featuring Claire Martin and Dennis Rollins and on Sunday, courtesy of Musicport is 17 Hippies from Germany with Rafkiki Jazz and Everly Pregnant Brothers with Sheffield artist Pete McKee Accoustic Lounge. The Coastival Club will be running over the weekend.

The festival also features events for children as well as comedy, films and exhibitions.