Whitby needs bus service for the West Cliff tourism hotspot

I have written frequently regarding bus services in and around Whitby.

Friday, 2nd November 2018, 7:00 am
Arriva bus 93

Is it not time that North Yorkshire County Council, Arriva and any other concerned residents did something about introducing a bus service on the West Cliff?

It is one of the centres of the tourism industry of the town.

Since Coastal and Country left us there is no service.

I would think visitors to the town, holidaymakers and those who stay at the Royal Hotel wonder where on earth they are when they come to require a bus.

Is it beyond the intelligence of bus operators not to consider people who have no bus service and those who are responsible for transport not able to think of a suitable route.

Surely one of the Sleights buses could be diverted, or dare I suggest one of the half empty and empty park and ride buses be used.

Barry Foster

Manor Cottages

High Stakesby