Whitby men guilty of 'vicious' robbery in which they smashed a pint glass into the victim's face before kicking him to the ground

Joshua Kilpatrick and Leon Didelot have been found guilty of robbing a man in Whitby.
Joshua Kilpatrick and Leon Didelot have been found guilty of robbing a man in Whitby.

A man had a pint glass smashed in his face and was then punched and kicked on the ground during a “vicious” robbery in Whitby.

The two muggers, Joshua Kilpatrick, 28, and Leon Didelot, 21, are now facing lengthy jail sentences after a jury found them guilty of robbery following a week-long trial.

York Crown Court heard that the victim had been invited to a house party after being “befriended” by the robbers in a town-centre club.

But on the way to the ‘party’, Didelot and Kilpatrick sensed the victim was “ripe for the picking” as he drew out £100 at a cashpoint on Wellington Road.

Kilpatrick smashed a glass into the victim’s face and floored him with a punch, then kicks rained down on the stricken young man, said prosecutor Shaun Dryden.

The bloodied victim then had his pockets picked. His cash, tobacco and a lighter were stolen.

The victim suffered injuries to his lip, bruising to the leg and scrapes to his elbow. He was also left with a displaced or “deformed” nose that was knocked askew. The injuries were not worse “more through luck”, but the victim was “very frightened”.

Police and an ambulance crew arrived, by which time Didelot and Kilpatrick had scarpered. They were arrested shortly afterwards, not far from the scene, but both denied playing any part in the robbery.

They sought to blame each other and tried to pin part of the blame on a 20-year-old woman who also joined them in the dock but was acquitted.

During the trial, which ended on Monday with conclusive, unanimous guilty verdicts against Didelot and Kilpatrick, the court heard that the pair walked off with the victim’s cash and “shared it between themselves”.

Kilkpatrick was the main player in the attack in the early hours of November 3 last year and then Didelot joined in.

Mr Dryden said Didelot and Kilpatrick “befriended” the victim in a nightclub and invited him to a house party.

But this was just a “ruse to get the (victim) to trust them” and on the way to the ‘party’, they pounced on him after he withdrew £100 in £20 notes from a cashpoint outside a Co-op store.

The attack came as a “complete surprise” to the victim, who was glassed then punched to the ground by Kilpatrick, followed by kicks which the prosecution said were delivered by Didelot.

The victim was in a “terrible state and so frightened at one point that he thought he was going to die”, the court heard.

He phoned a friend and told him he had been mugged and needed help. While on the phone to his friend, Kilpatrick allegedly told him: “If you’re on the phone to the Feds (police), I’ll kill you.”

The victim’s friend arrived at the scene at about 3.40am and found his mate “highly distressed and in a right old state”.

Blood and smashed glass were found at the scene of the attack, said Mr Dryden.

He said that at one point during the robbery, Kilpatrick shouted to the victim: “We want the pin number for the cards.”

Upon his arrest, police found the blood-stained £20 notes on Kilpatrick who claimed he had simply been given the money by Didelot following the incident and played no part in the robbery.

However, Kilpatrick, of Love Lane, Whitby, was picked out in an ID parade by the victim.

Didelot, of Laburnum Grove, Whitby, blamed Kilpatrick, claimed he saw the victim’s wallet on the ground during the “scrap” and took it but denied playing any part in the robbery.

On Monday, the jury returned unanimous guilty verdicts on Kilpatrick and Didelot but found the woman not guilty.

Judge Sean Morris adjourned sentence until October 21 but warned the two defendants: “It’s going to be a sentence of some length for such a vicious attack as this.”

He remanded both men in custody until sentence.