Whitby Maypole dancers feature in Saxon Fair

editorial image

East Whitby School’s Maypole Dancers are featured this week as part of our latest flashback into the Gazette pictorial archives.

The school’s dancers are dressed up as part of Saxon Fair celebrations which took place in Whitby in June 1980.

Also featured are St John Cadet and Badger award winners, back from left: Matthew Ward, Freya Coomber, Darryl Gildroy, Nichola Wilson, Sylvia Waters, Stephen Parker, Donna Cowey, Adrian Clark; front: Abigal Taylor, Emma Smith, Simon Lee, Nimiane Coomber, Jeremy Barber and Angela Clark.

The photo dating back to 1890 shows John Stevenson, a chemist and veterinary surgeon, in front of the horse drawn wagon. The name of The Mineral Water Factory, which he owned on Broomfield Terrace4, is painted on the side.

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