Whitby Lions’ pride at Scouts donation

Whitby Lions present a �1,000 cheque to Eskmouth Scouts.
Whitby Lions present a �1,000 cheque to Eskmouth Scouts.

Whitby District Lions presented a generous donation of £1,000 to Marcus Clarkson from Eskmouth Scout Group (Whitby).

The donation will be used by the scouts to help support the group’s ongoing day-to-day costs.

Stephen McGivern, a spokesman for the Eskmouth Scout Group (Whitby), said he recently gave a presentation to the Lions about the great work that the Scouts do.

He explained further about the ongoing costs of running the Scout Halls in both Whitby and Sleights, of which building insurance is a considerable expense.

Mr McGivern told the Whitby Gazette: “As a small local charity with limited resources, this is a very significant outgoing and following the meeting with the Lions I had hoped for a small donation to aid with the costs of the group.

“I was overwhelmed with gratitude when I received the news of the donation.

“I have been the treasurer for the scouts for 15 years and I have never received such a significant amount.”

Eskmouth Scouts consists of 90 girls and boys who enjoy many activities which involve serving the community, encouraging teamwork, respect and learning many essential outdoor skills.

The cheque was presented in Whitby at the scouts’ pig racing evening, where much fun and friendly competitive fundraising was had by all.

Whitby District Lions raises thousands of pounds throughout the year which is in turn donated to many local charities and good causes.