Whitby Ladies suffer heavy loss against Newcastle while Danby see off Stockton

Whitby Ladies and Danby Ladies have kicked off their respective campaigns after their promotions last season.

Thursday, 11th October 2018, 12:22 pm
Updated Thursday, 11th October 2018, 12:28 pm
Whitby Ladies Natasha Kent gets on the ball for her side in their heavy 8-1 defeat against a strong Newcastle side on Saturday. PICTURES BY BRIAN MURFIELD

Whitby Ladies played Newcastle City in their second game at home on Saturday, their visitors finished second in the league last year.

Newcastle are a strong team who have a tremendous amount of skill and this showed from the push-off.

Whitby fought hard, however Whitby struggled to break down Newcastle’s accurate passing, the half-time score was left at 6-0 to the away side.

Hosts Whitby kept their heads held high and battled on, having fitness on their side Whitby were able to keep chasing down Newcastle and Lisette Vincent-Jones was able to score a goal from a short corner.

A further two goals were scored by Newcastle leaving the final score an 8-1 loss to Whitby.

The home side’s defence fought until the end and didn’t give up defending the relentless goals and attacks being fired at them.

Goalkeeper Kirsty Dixon was kept on her feet throughout the game and made some heroic saves and supported her defence greatly.

The player of the match was awarded to centre-back, Siobhan Robinson for her grit and determination throughout the game.

Next week the team travel to Middlesbrough, where they play Marton Furness.

Thank-you to all Whitby’s spectators who brave the weather to come and support.

Whitby Ladies played their first game of the new season away against Durham City last weekend.

The ladies were heading into the unknown after promotion, but went into it with fitness and determination.

The half-time score was 0-0 with both teams eager to take the first set of points for their team.

Vincent-Jones sent Whitby into the lead scoring a deflected goal from Durham’s keeper.

However this was closely followed by a counter-attack from Durham which left the final score locked at 1-1 and the spoils were shared.

Dani Halley was awarded player of the match for her skilful movement on and off the ball.

Danby Ladies travelled away to Stockton this week.

Two subs provided the team with plenty of fresh legs and gave Danby an advantageous start as they were able to dominate the midfield.

Hard on the press, Danby’s first goal came from striker Laura Anderson-Cornforth, who then continued to charge to goal and was successful in scoring a total of three.

Josie Bowes made moves in the centre of the pitch to successfully pull Stockton players away from the play.

The Hogarth powerhouse trio continues to get stronger with Kath shifting the ball through the midfield at incredible pace, while Issy and Rosie made sensational runs up the wings.

Erin Hodgson made some bold attacks up the right flank, sending in powerful balls across the D and scoring a well-deserved goal.

Captain Katie Hodgson made a run from the back to score her own screamer from the top of the D.

Chloe Wilson’s persistent runs up the left wing enabled her to fire in two goals from behind the keeper on the left post.

Credit must be given to Stockton, who did not let their heads drop and were dangerous on the counter-attack.

Emma Foster made some powerful tackles, paired with Christine Tarrant’s reverse-stick barricade pushed Stockton back.

Stockton continued to force forward, but Nikki Graham’s return to winter league with her exceptional pace and her trademark jab-tackle proved difficult for the Stockton attack.

The visitors were successful in securing five short-corners on the bounce, playing past the final whistle, but did not prevail after keeper Catherine Adamson made some crucial saves.

Player of the match for the victorious Danby Ladies was awarded to Anderson-Cornforth after her superb display helped them to the win.