Whitby gears up for 2018 Krampus Run

Figures from local legend and history will be joining in this year's Whitby Krampus Run, in what organisers are hailing as 'something more special than the commercialised' type of Christmas event'.

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 1:00 pm

Although this is a tradition from Austria, festive folklore characters from across the world are included in addition to the better-known Krampus.

Also featured in the event, on December 1, are figures from local legend and history, watch out for the Black Dog, Hobs, the Star Carr shaman and creatures from the sea created from rubbish picked up on this year’s Whitby Beach Sweep clean-ups.

Krampus is the companion of good St Nicholas and is allowed to be the one who punishes the naughty children who do not deserve presents on the Saints Feast Day, December 5.

This is a very popular event in Austria and other European countries. The tradition has been sensitively interpreted by the organisers for the UK, with an aim of appealing especially to families.

Elaine Edmunds, one of the organisers, said: “This is something more special and different from a commercialised shopping centre Christmas experience and so well suited to the very special environment of Whitby.

“There’s also a strong educational element. Last year, a participant wore a costume and headpiece inspired by the findings at the the Star Carr Mesolithic site, near Scarborough.

The Star Carr horned headdress is one of the very earliest pieces of evidence that people dressed up as creatures 11,0000 years ago. This year, the costumed parade will be starting at 3.30pm along Church Street, with an extended route and pauses for performance ending with a lantern lit finale in the market place.

People interested in participating and volunteering are already in contact and organisers Decadent Drawing, a not-for-profit arts group, is delighted to be welcoming a very special group of performers.

It is planned to hold community family-friendly workshops with costume and mask making, comparative folklore, arts and story telling as themes. Again this year, the event will be raising funds for Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary. Last year the total raised was £1307.09.

Whitby Krampus Run is now in its fourth year. An inclusive and essentially cultural and arts-based event, last year was the first time it became public.