Whitby councillor claims aliens are controlling Russian president

Simon Parkes
Simon Parkes

Extraterrestrials are to blame for the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine according to town councillor Simon Parkes, who believes that Vladimir Putin is being advised by aliens.

Coun Parkes revealed during a talk in Wallsend, North Tyneside that alien reptiles known as ‘the Nordics’ are responsible for Russian aggression in its former satellite state.

The councillor, who represents Stakesby and says he has experienced numerous alien encounters in the past, told the meeting that the Nordics have advised Putin to resist American influences in the area and are supplying them with technology.

Coun Parkes was elected to Whitby Town Council in 2012 and later hit the headlines when claimed that his mother was a nine-foot extraterrestrial and that he lost his virginity to an alien aged just five years old.