Whitby company is backing healthy seafood campaign

Superfishoil campaign by Seafish, backed by Whitby Seafoods.
Superfishoil campaign by Seafish, backed by Whitby Seafoods.

Seafish is bringing health to the fore this summer with a campaign focusing on the many benefits of eating seafood.

The award-winning Superfishoil campaign, which is being relaunched this summer, has the backing of Whitby Seafoods too.

Business Development Director Edward Whittle said: “A lot of fish contain long chain omega thre fatty acids, as opposed to short chain that you find commonly in eggs.

“It is the long chain fatty acids that have beneficial effects of reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, rather than the short chain ones.

“The highest percentage of long chain omega three is found in oily fish, so sadly fish and chips isn’t as beneficial as say salmon, mackeral or sardines.

“For those still hankering after something deep fried, I would recommend deep fried whitebait, which when produced from sprats is also highly sustainable, and can be enjoyed in many of the restaurants in Whitby.”

Summer is a time when people are determined to look their best for their holidays and a perfect opportunity to remind them that eating more seafood is an excellent way to feel great, keep healthy, and maintain a good diet.

The campaign will feature media advertising, a series of special recipes, and personal stories about people whose lives have been transformed by adding seafood to their diets.

Seafish will be running the campaign throughout August to encourage the general public to eat more seafood.

Now is also the best time to sign up to be a partner for our annual celebration of seafood that is Seafood Week.

Seafood Week runs from October 7 to 14 and the earlier you come on board the more we can help you get the most out of the campaign for your business.

Marketing Manager Heather Middleton said: “The interest in Seafood Week has been strong.

“Following on from the success of last year’s campaign, which reported substantial commercial returns for industry, seafood businesses have been quick to recognise the opportunities.”