Whitby cliff residents keep the developers away - HAVE YOUR SAY

WHITBY residents were celebrating this week as a long battle to save their area from development came to an end.

Residents of Mulgrave Road have secured an area of land as a village green, thus ensuring it cannot be used for homes in the future.

The site in question is locally known as the site of the outdoor swimming pool or the spider's web.

The residents had submitted an application to have the land classed as a village green.

Now it has been successful, this prohibits any development on the land.

The residents claimed the land has been used by members of the community for more than 25 years and would have been an irreplaceable loss to the area.

David Mahaffy was at the meeting on Tuesday in Northallerton when North Yorkshire County Council approved the village green status. He said it has been a long road to get to this point and that all the residents in the area had battled hard to make it a possibility.

Along with his wife Deborah, he personally went round and handed out 350 questionnaires to people and almost all of them were returned

He said: "I want to say thank you to all the residents who have made this possible with their hardwork and commitment to protecting the green space.

"This started last June and I was always hopeful that we would get to this point. But it did seem like it took longer than it should have done and if the county council had been more efficient maybe it would have.

"I am pleased we now know this land will be there for the residents of this area to use in the coming years."

An independent review is also underway into a village green application by people living in the Helredale Road area to protect their playing field from development.

Scarborough Borough Council opposed the application so it has gone to a review.

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