Whitby Children have RSPCA Fund-raising Fun

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Five generous Whitby children, aged 5-11, spent a week of their summer holidays working tirelessly to raise money for the animal charity RSPCA.

Joseph, Maeve, Lydia, Liv and Daniel, of Esk Terrace, have been setting up stall everyday in the hope of raising £100 for the benefit of mistreated animals.

A variety of homemade treats have been on offer to local residents and passers-by, including biscuits, scones and home-made lemonade.

The children have given up much of their week to not only bake the biscuits and scones, but also to master their marketing and selling skills.

Mum of three of the children, Miriam said: “They are all really keen on animals. All of them have got cats - they are real cat lovers. Four of them are vegetarians.”

Miriam added: “People have been really generous, really kind customers. Many of them have been paying much more than they needed.”

The children would like to thank all of their customers for their generous donations. As of Friday, just 3 days into their charitable efforts, the children had raised the grand sum of £60 - well on the way to their target.

“I’m just really thrilled and excited for them,” Miriam added.

Joseph (11) proudly explained: “It started off with us just doing a toy stall in front of our houses - we made £18 from that. The next day, we moved on to biscuits and lemonade - we made £21 from that. Then we sold scones and lemonade and have made £36.”

Of his team’s effort, Joseph said: “It feels really good - I’m really moved that we got £60. we hoped for over £100 - only £40 to go, so it looks good.”

They intended to continue their stall for at least another day - but ideally until they reached their target.

We wish them lots of luck.