Whitby cat’s calendar is simply purr-fect

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A local cat’s modelling skills have been used to create a fundraising calendar in aid of other animals in need.

William has become a cult hero on Sandgate where he frequently wanders from shop to shop, with tourists and locals finding him irresistible to stroke.

His popularity has prompted The Victorian Image to produce a calendar of William, capturing impromptu moments of cuteness, in aid of Raw Animal Rescue, located near Hawsker, Whitby.

The sanctuary is a non-profit rescue centre run by Norma Carrick, who provides a loving home for abandoned animals.

The rescue centre was recently awarded registered charity status, having previously largely been funded by Norma and her late husband, Dennis Carrick’s pensions.

The 2017 calendar entitled ‘Just William’ costs £9 and is available from The Victorian Image, Black Market on Sandgate or Doglicious in the Shambles.