Whitby '˜behind the times' with electric cars plug-in

We have a holiday home on the River Esk in Ruswarp which we have had for about seven years, and have recently purchased a Mitsubishi plug-in hybrid car.

Friday, 17th August 2018, 9:00 am

However there are no charging points within 20 miles of Whitby, the nearest one being at Aldi in Scarborough.

Newly-built supermarkets seem to put charging points in their car parks, so hopefully when Aldi is up and running in Whitby there will be charging points provided.

Our car also runs on fuel, but any all-electric car would have problems around the area and therefore restricted from visiting the area subject to the mileage range of their car.

I wonder if there are any plans to install further points around Whitby, as electric cars are the way forward.

At the moment it’s a “chicken and egg” situation that people are put off purchasing such a car due to the lack of charging points in certain areas.

Our main home is in Leeds and we have had a charging point installed in our porch, and there are additional ones, which incidentally are free to use, installed in newly refurbished, or built, Aldi and Lidl supermarkets around the area.

We spend nine months of the year coming to Whitby and look forward to being able to charge our hybrid locally.

Come on Whitby come into the 21st century!

Nigel Pollard

Ash Hill Lane

Shadwell, Leeds