Whitby and district coffin up near double death debts

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THE cost of dying in Whitby has nearly doubled in a decade, according to new figures.

Cremation costs in the Borough of Scarborough spiralled to £548.50 in 2011 - a 96 per cent leap from the £280 charged in 2001.

This, coupled with the £50 environmental charge made for each cremation to cover mercury emissions, has meant that those left behind are burdened with a bill almost twice what it would have been 10 years ago.

However Scarborough Borough Council, who operate Larpool Lane Cemetary in Whitby, as well as Woodlands Crematorium in Scarborough, claim that the rises are some of the lowest in the county.

Andy Skelton, SBC’s head of environmental health, said: “Our charges compare favourably with those set at other crematoriums in the region, including those in the private sector.

“The increase in fees from 2001 to 2011 is the third lowest in Yorkshire and is well below the national average.”

However, Alex Bird, chief officer of Age UK North Yorkshire, said they had noticed an increase in people struggling to finance loved one’s funerals.

He added: “We do have contact with bereaved elderly people who have lost and are shocked by how much it now costs.

“It’s very sad when you hear from people who have put money aside, but when it actually comes to it they find it isn’t anywhere near enough.”

The cost for an adult burial in the Borough of Scarborough in 2011 stood at £1,056.