Whitby and Danby well beaten by Whitley Bay and Darlington

Whitby Ladies suffered a 7-2 defeat at home against a strong Whitley Bay side.

Friday, 26th October 2018, 11:12 am
Updated Friday, 26th October 2018, 11:18 am
Whitby and Whitley Bay do battle. Picture by Brian Murfield.

The game was particularly hard for Whitby due to absent players, but the squad set out fighting.

The first half saw the hosts moving on and off the ball well, making some good runs with the ball to Whitby’s forward line.

Whitley Bay were a strong side who passed the ball well and communicated strongly as a team.

Whitby were finding it hard to clear the ball out of their defence and Danielle Walker, who had stepped into goal, did a great job at defending the home side’s goal, until a deflected strike went in and put Whitley Bay 1-0 up.

Hosts Whitby soon set out on the counter-attack, winning a short corner for their team, Emily Webster took a strike and Lisette Vincent-Jones picked up the re-bounded ball and firing in to equalise the game.

Parity was short-lived as Whitley Bay worked their way back to Whitby’s defence and scored their second and final goal of the first half.

With only a one-goal difference, the ladies were feeling confident and went into the second half determined.

Whitley Bay were also feeling confident and were able to score a further three goals in a short period of time.

Whitby began to feel deflated and their passing became less accurate.

A long-ball sent from Whitby’s midfield was picked up by Vincent-Jones, who was just able to put a stick to it scoring Whitby’s second and final goal.

With the score now 5-2 and only a short amount of time left to play, the ladies carried on fighting, however were unable to close down Whitley Bay, the final score finished 7-2 to the visitors.

This was a disappointing result for Whitby, however it is going to be used as a learning curve for games to come.

The spectators were brilliant and their support was much appreciated on the day.

Danby Ladies suffered a 5-0 defeat to Darlington 1sts.

Danby Ladies knew they were in for a tough game against the exceptional players within Darlington’s 1st team.

The Danby Ladies were focused on keeping possession by using short sharp passes.

The Hogarth trio were continually moving into space, ensuring they supported each other down the right wing.

However, this game was far more of a defensive game for Danby.

Their usual defenders were on holiday, leaving Erin Hodgson and Josie Bowes to step in.

Erin Hodgson was relentless in her tackles and was successful in using aerial balls to find the ball back in possession of the Danby midfielders.

Josie Bowes was full of energy and was able to man-mark attackers, taking them out of the game.

ChristineTarrant was Danby’s centre-back and time and time again she had her stick flat to the ground, blocking the attackers and creating a barricade they could not break through.

Player of the match and without a doubt the player that dealt with the pressure the best was Catherine Adamson, who was stretching out to the far corners of the goal, diving to block shots from the post and running out at players, doing whatever it took the keep the ball out the goal.

Despite Danby’s best efforts, Darlington were the deserved winners, with a final score of 5-0.

Danby were extremely pleased with the score, which was a great improvement from last time at 9-0, with just a few training sessions.

The Danby Ladies are starting to find their feet in their new league after winning promotion and will be continuing to work hard in order to keep improving.

Danby host Sunderland Broom in their first home match of the season this Saturday.