Whitby - a special place that does not often get a fair crack of the whip

Whitby Hospital
Whitby Hospital

I refer to recent editions of the Whitby Gazette, which have highlighted, either in articles or letters, the pertinent and serious issues facing the people in Whitby.

It is clear that in the rural hinterland, and often at the behest of the borough, we often do not get a fair crack of the whip.

Whitby is a special place, we have many thriving businesses and council tax payers are making a significant contribution to the coffers.

Therefore, it would seem appropriate to emphasise a few points made in your paper and to me on a regular basis:

• The housing crisis continues - not enough affordable housing for locals and poor standards of some social housing.

• The loss of residential homes to holiday homes.

• The chaos of parking, particularly in residential areas.

• Many of the streets are littered, despite the best efforts of the depleted workforce.

• Schools and the NHS struggle to recruit staff.

• Care provision is out of the reach of the many.

• The Whitby Hospital story goes on.

• The roll out of Universal Credit is causing misery for many. We still live in the “low pay capital of Britain”.

I urge the people of Whitby to make their voice heard.

It is clear that when they get the bit between their teeth – they can.

Just look at the recent campaign regarding access to the beach.

Remember, you will soon get a new council tax bill.

Are you getting value for money?

Cllr Rob Barnett

(Lab Streonshalh)

Esk Terrace