WHISH column: Our new website is up and running

Yvonne Harrison of WHISH with one of the many items in the new sensory room.
Yvonne Harrison of WHISH with one of the many items in the new sensory room.

A key part of everyday life is communication – we receive and send information constantly throughout the day, whether it is reading for pleasure or work, chatting to someone, looking on the internet and so on.

Over the last year or so at WHISH, we have spent time trying to improve the way we communicate with our members and the wider community. Our trustees decided that we needed to let more people in the Whitby area know about the charity and what we do for local children and their families.

This column and our activities diary are a traditional way of reaching out to a wider audience – articles and photos about WHISH also appear on the Whitby Gazette website, often with extra info and photos. We improved our brochure and publicity material and invested in some banners for when we are out and about.

Earlier this year we won a competition to have a new website designed for us and we have just launched it, click here and let us know what you think.

It includes details of our sensory room and community room, which can be used by the public for a modest charge, as well as lots of new information.

Social media is a key part of the lives of many of our members – Facebook chats with other parents can be a lifeline at the end of a difficult day or in the middle of the night when your child is ill or won’t sleep.

We have also joined the twitter universe – and receive tweets back from far and wide.

Locally more people now seem to know our name, which is great, and our improved marketing seems to be helping our fundraising.

But as we go into summer, we would like to make the most basic communication method our most important - meeting up with others and chatting.

We have recently started an additional, specific coffee morning for parents of children with autism.

Soon we will be starting new after school sessions and activities for secondary aged children.

For anyone who is interested in what we do, would like to help out, or hire any of our facilities, we invite you all to call in and see us at our base in St Hilda’s Business Centre on the Ropery.

We are open 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday and until 6pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.