WHISH column: New sensory room now open to community

Yvonne Harrison of WHISH with one of the many items in the new sensory room.
Yvonne Harrison of WHISH with one of the many items in the new sensory room.

We are very proud to announce that the WHISH multi-sensory centre is now open to the community in the wider Whitby area.

It is specifically designed to stimulate and assist in the development of young children, babies, adults and the elderly with additional needs.

Children, adults and the elderly can achieve a sense of ‘cause and effect’ by using switches attached to lights and toys. The Sensory room provides an interactive experience between adults and children, children and other children and adults and the elderly. Activities can be used to promote turn-taking and communication.

The Sensory room is designed to be a calming environment in which children, adults and the elderly feel comfortable and therefore ready to learn.

The Sensory room experience can be used to add extra meaning to a story, rhymes and songs. The Sensory equipment provides stimulation for those who are exploring the world around them via their senses.

The calming environment is a place for parents and carers to bond with their children and the person they are caring for. Relaxation is good for everyone’s emotional health; it gives them a chance to explore their feelings in a safe environment.

Come and stimulate your senses around our tactile boards, twinkling fibre optic lights and aroma diffuser. Melt into a flurry of bubbles whilst relaxing on our beanbags surrounded by a colour changing environment.

Gaze into the infinity panel, feel the vibrating, colour changing bubble tubes, surrounded by relaxing sounds and For the more agile, we have a ball pool with integral music.

Relax and enjoy our slide show on the projector, get cosy on a beanbag and wrap yourself up in blankets or fibre optic lights.

We will be opening for visitors to have a look around and try out the facilities and equipment week commencing February 13, please get in touch if you would like to visit.

Following your induction you can book the Sensory Room for a half hour or full hour session.

Available slots from 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday, we may open evenings if there is demand. To arrange a FREE induction session – email whishgroup@gmail.com tel: 07534 117458.

WHISH is based at St Hilda’s Business Centre on The Ropery.