Where's Whitby money from TV show?

The destination of the cash paid by Jeremy Clarkson's TV show The Grand Tour to set up in Whitby is not being revealed by the borough council.

Thursday, 10th November 2016, 2:01 pm
Updated Friday, 18th November 2016, 11:21 am
The Grand Tour tent during filming in Whitby. Picture by Simon Hulme.

Council leader Derek Bastiman was asked at Monday’s full council meeting how much had been received for the filming – and if the money will go back into Whitby harbour.

He confirmed that the funds had been paid to Scarborough Council but added: “Apart from that I can’t say anything else.”

It is believed that a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” had been drawn up.

John Freeman, committee member for the Fight4Whitby group, has raised concerns about the arrangement.

He said: “The operation took place on harbour land so that money should go into the Whitby harbour account.

“If the borough wish to take some of that money out for officer time then so be it, but that’s all that should be taken out.

“I am sure Jeremy Clarkson would be upset to think that the money paid into the town he loves has gone into SBC general coffers.”

Whitby resident, Sandra Smith shared a similar view. She said: “I understand why there is a Non-Disclosure Agreement but they should at the very least say that the money will go back into Whitby harbour.

“It was great to have The Grand Tour in town, we just want to know that the money will be put back into the harbour because it was held on harbour land.”

Reacting to Cllr Bastiman’s statement, Di Shaw said: “The money should be used for Whitby and the surrounding area.”

Meanwhile, Rob Wildsmith from Sleights said: “It was great to see Whitby being used for a global TV programme. The season had ended so there was no shortage of parking.”

Filming for The Grand Tour was held in Whitby in early October.

300 lucky ticket holders gained access to the tent and saw an insight into the show, ahead of the first episode, which will be released on November 18.

An action packed few days of filming saw Jimmy Carr race through the harbour on a speedboat and a stuntman jump from the swing bridge.

The opening of The Grand Tour is believed to be the most expensive in TV show history, costing £2.5 million.

It will feature 150 cars, 2,000 acrobats and six jet planes.

In a video teaser for the show, Clarkson summarised: “It’s three middle aged men in poor condition falling over and catching fire, and occasionally a car goes by.

“It really is three men with bad teeth and hangovers.”

Clarkson told the Gazette that there was “no place quite like Whitby” and that the trio intend to return to the town in the near future.