West Cliff takes 65mph battering

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The West Cliff’s iconic Victorian shelters needed some protection of their own over the weekend as storms and gales blew them out of the ground.

Debris was strewn across the road as they were blown apart when wind speeds on Friday night and into Saturday morning reached around 65 mph.

The road was cordoned off while the area was made safe and cleared.

Now the borough council is deciding whether or not the two listed shelters near the Met hotel will actually be re-installed.

The planning department are now involved and a report is being prepared for a future Cabinet meeting.

A spokesperson said: “Last week’s high winds and storm conditions unfortunately left the West Cliff’s Edwardian shelters beyond repair.

“The remains of the structures should be removed this week and the area left safe and tidy. We now need to discuss the situation with relevant councillors before deciding how to proceed.”

But Cllr Joe Plant told the Gazette he will be pushing for them to be repaired and replaced in a better way.

He said: “I will be doing my best to ensure they are put back, for the next summer season. That is the only option for me. They play a big part in the make up of the West Cliff.

“It was horrendous weather, I was up there with council staff and just being there you realised the strength of the storm.

“Nature - you can’t beat it but we need to look at why these two went and nothing else.”

The sea also whipped up a storm on the Battery Parade with foam coating Pier Road.

Snow fell on higher ground making the A171 road in both directions slow going and closing the A169 Whitby to Pickering road for a time on Saturday afternoon due to hazardous and barely passable conditions.