Spectacular images of snow on the North York Moors from the people who drive the snowploughs

Stunning photos of the snow-covered North York Moors have been released by the company responsible for keeping vehicles moving in the Esk Valley.

Monday, 11th January 2021, 3:02 pm
Updated Monday, 11th January 2021, 3:26 pm
Significant snow fall created lots of work for the snowploughs this weekend

Steven Houlston, of P R, J M and S R Houlston Agricultural Contractors, who often brings the snowplough home with him ready for an early start said: “The council calls the night before when snow is definitely coming to confirm a start-time. It was 5am on Friday and Saturday. On Friday we had two ploughs out for over 12 hours, working alongside the gritter. A third plough joined later in the afternoon when the snow was coming on strong and people were struggling to get about. Our routes are basically all of the roads between Egton and Danby, but on Friday I ended up on the A171 quite a lot of time, trying to keep traffic moving on there and pulling wagons back on to the road that were stuck.”

Stunning sunrise on the North York Moors
The white blanket made everywhere clean and fresh
Significant snowfall led to an early start
Snowploughs cleared roads across the moors
It wasn't just drivers that appreciated the ploughs work
Drivers bought their vehicles home with them to enable them to get an early start.
Spot the dog playing in the snow!
Incredible skies on a January morning
Ready for action
Danby Beacon
Deep snow on the higher ground
The best part of the day
Ready to go
There's a road there somewhere....
The spectacular North York Moors
Making the most of the cleared path