‘We will hold powers-that-be to account over Raithwaite development’

The Raithwaite Estate at Sandsend, near Whitby
The Raithwaite Estate at Sandsend, near Whitby

With regard to the recent decision by Scarborough Borough Council planning committee to approve the development at Raithwaite:

Newholm-cum-Dunsley Parish Council are disappointed with this decision.

One of the reasons for refusal of the previous application was the size of the development which is the size of Newholm and Dunsley combined. This point was clearly made by the National Park in its objection.

The overall size of the approved development remains largely unchanged.

While we acknowledged that there have been changes to the siting of the building, largely to avoid the woodland, the fact remains that the size is disproportionate given its location and likely impact on the road network and existing holiday accommodation providers.

It seems to us that the views of the residents, who have chosen to live permanently in the area, often due to its unspoilt tranquil nature, have been ignored in favour of the perceived needs of visitors and promise of employment.

There are no clear indications how this will be of direct benefit to the residents or how Scarborough Borough Council will utilise the monies raised in ensuring that residents’ concerns are addressed.

It is worth remembering that this is a private for-profit venture.

We will on behalf of the parish, hold Scarborough Borough Council, North Yorkshire Highways and Yorkshire Ventures to account during all phases of this development.

To that end we have written to the borough council, highways, and the National Park asking them for their ongoing plans to ensure this development does not adversely affect residents.

Cllr Martin Milburn


Parish Council