We need to end season on high note

Chris Hardy's view
Chris Hardy's view

For our play-off hopes to end in the manner in which they did at Blyth on Monday, was arguably the biggest disappointment of our campaign.

We’ve been excellent to date, and although we’ve had a few blips along the way, there’s been nothing major to ring alarm bells. On Monday, however, we got it badly wrong.

We were made to look poor and that’s something we’ve been far from this season.

Fair play to them, they made us look second best in every department.

By the time we looked to threaten the hosts, the game was well beyond our reach. A number of elements ensured that we had lost the game within the first 45 minutes.

We didn’t deal with their system as well as we could have done and they came at us at will, creating two-on-twos between Luke Armstrong and Dan Maguire, and Rio May and Lee Bullock. The two Blyth boys capitalised, unfortunately for us.

The second 45 wasn’t relevant to the result, and Blyth maybe took their foot off the gas a bit. We got a reaction, like we expected, but the game was already dead and buried.

There may be a bit of battered pride going into Saturday, but we need to ensure that we don’t let the season fizzle out. We want to finish as high as possible.

We’re looking at the game with the view of putting Monday’s wrongs right and getting maximum points to finish as high as we can.

We’re expecting to have a full quota, with the exception of Luke Bythway and David Carson.

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