‘We miss him every day’ says Adam’s mum

Adam Sykes
Adam Sykes
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The mother of a man who fell to his death from cliffs in Whitby two years ago has paid tribute to her daredevil son, saying: “He’s still a missing person in our lives”.

Chef Adam Sykes (29) died when he fell from the cliffs near to the Captain Cook statue on Whitby’s West Cliff in the early hours of December 11.

“I miss him every single day,” said Adam’s mother, Maureen Craven. “He was just a joy to be with. He was a really nice lad, he would just see the good in everything.”

Adam had a history of mental problems, but found piece through a close spiritual relationship with nature.

Sadly, his risk-taking appears to have contributed to his death.

Adam had climbed over a fence at the Captain Cook monument to do yoga positions on the other side. Maureen said: “It’s ridiculously dangerous and it cost him his life. He was my son and I loved him to bits, but he did something dangerous and very silly.”

However, Maureen explained that this lack of fear was what made Adam special.

“He didn’t see fear in anything,” she said. “He used to stand on the cliff tops, with his arms outstretched and just feel the wind through his fingertips.”

It was this belief in fate and spirituality that meant Maureen always knew her son had been the victim of a tragic accident and had not taken his own life. She said: “Adam believed in the circle of life. You’re born and nature takes its course and you die, you don’t interfere with that.

“When his grandmother died I was absolutely distraught. He said ‘mum, you have got to pull yourself together. She’s moved on to a different plane and it was her time to go. You can’t stop the circle of nature’.”

However, Maureen added that she believes little can be done to prevent people who are willing to take risks: “I think the whole area and all those cliffs are dangerous and beautiful in equal measures. But how you stop people getting too close? I don’t know.”