Wave dodgers warning

WAVE dodgers on Whitby’s East Pier including a man with a young child have been warned they are putting their lives at risk.

Coastguards were alerted to an incident on Wednesday afternoon where a man was taking photos of waves as they crashed against rock armour near the slipway, by an eye witness who was concerned for his safety.

His wife and child were stood nearby.

Youngsters had also been seen in the area wave dodging too.

Watch manager Mike Puplett said: “Although there was noone in imminent danger the coastguard attended to give advice.

“We all too often see the worst outcome from it. You don’t get a second chance once you get washed in.

“Youngsters and children in particular don’t realise the dangers in it. We are not doing it to be spoil sports, we are doing it to look after them.”

The incident had also been spotted by Glenn Goodberry, Whitby Lifeboat’s mechanic also went along to speak to the family.

Mr Goodberry said: “I went up there and there was a fella stood very close to the slipway taking photographs. I advice him it was very dangerous. He was fine about it. I told him we have had fatalities in this area in the past and he moved away.

“We get it every year.”