'˜Vital we make our views heard on Whitby's beach dog ban'

With reference to the dog ban on Whitby West Cliff beach, Cllr Rob Barnett rightly states '˜it is a fundamental principle of democracy that people are listened to'.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 4:00 pm
Dog beach ban

May we therefore express the following opinions:

Your article on page 3 of the Gazette (August 10) states ‘85% of the public agreed with the council’s original plans’.

The extension of the ‘no-go-zone’ does not mean that dog owners have to use the steep steps quoted - they can walk only a few yards more to use perfectly wide, safe steps which are close to path access from the cliff top.

Therefore, there is no need to walk past the chalets if you wish.

Once on the beach, there is over 1.5 miles to exercise dogs.

By the way, it takes only four to five minutes to walk from the ‘disputed’ steps to these next safe steps quoted - I have timed it.

Your article quotes ‘owing to the strong level of feeling we are going to reconsult etc’.

May we point out that there is also a strong level of feeling among many life-long chalet renters who have young children/grandchildren that the present ban is sensible.

It is not uncommon for dogs to relieve themselves where children are playing by the ‘disputed steps’.

The health and safety of these children is surely equally important.

Finally, as Cllr Barnett says, it is vital that all make their views heard via the consultation process - this means the quiet, retiring people as well as those who shout loudest...everyone please use your vote.

Frank and Linda Lupton

Love Lane