Views from the Pews: The promise of a new beginning

Well it's here, 2018 has arrived! Another new year, 2017 is past, never to be repeated or revisited (except in our memories).

Sunday, 7th January 2018, 10:00 am

Are you glad that year is over?

Was it a difficult 12 months for you?

Or was it a good year with several high points along the way?

In either case we will be wondering how will 2018 be different - better or worse?

What we need is something more then a new year, we need a new beginning.

Whoever we are, we will take into 2018 all the baggage we have accumulated from 2017 and the years before. We still wear the scars of painful experiences and loss.

We still carry the burdens of guilt over our failures and sins from the past.

We wear the chains of fear that hold us back, forged by broken relationships and broken hearts.

That is why the gospel of Jesus Christ is such good news.

The new testament proclaims, “If anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come”.

Jesus Christ’s message is the promise of a new beginning, with forgiveness and freedom from the past. He did not come to enslave us in a dead religion where we beat ourselves up over our past.

Instead he came to cleanse us of our sins, so that we can be restored to the God who made us and loves us, and so we can be free to live the life we were created for.

This was the very reason why the Son of God came into our world and became one of us.

And especially this is why he willingly died in our place as our substitute, carrying upon his own heart our burdens, guilt and sin.

The price was paid in full by Christ for our forgiveness, and the proof that there is new life available to all is in the fact that he rose again from the dead and is alive forever.

How can we receive this new life, this new beginning?

Not by making a New Year’s resolution to be a better person in 2018. We can’t change ourselves, it’s just not within our power.

We need to ask Jesus to make us new by his power. Instead of carrying your load give it to him, and thank him that he has dealt with it once and for all at the cross.

Then asking his forgiveness, trust him to answer your prayer for a new heart, and a new life.

We shall be running a Life Explored course in the near future.

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