Views from the Pews: God's greatest gift to the world

I imagine by the time you pick up your Whitby Gazette and read this article your Christmas preparations will be almost complete.

Sunday, 17th December 2017, 9:00 am

Christmas cards posted; Christmas presents bought (and wrapped?); Christmas tree decorated with lights and baubles.

The only thing left to do is the food and drink shopping.

Maybe you are one of those highly organised folk who work from a Christmas list.

However, it’s inevitable that come Christmas Day you will discover that you have forgotten at least one thing.

Either someone didn’t receive a card, or there’s no cranberry sauce, or you never quite got round to buying batteries for that electronic toy. Forgetfulness is part of being human.

Christmas is all about God remembering.

The entrance of the Son of God into this world only happened because God never forgets. He never forgets His plans.

Even before the world began God hatched a marvellous plan to send His Son.

It was a rescue plan to save humanity from ourselves. Throughout the history of the world God has been fulfilling His plan of salvation.

God never forgets His promises. From early on in humanity’s history God made promises to the world. Promises that He would come to our rescue.

The Old Testament part of the Bible is full of these promises. The birth of Jesus Christ happened because God had promised it would.

God never forgets our problem, that is our greatest problem. The problem which is the cause of every problem in our world and our lives...sin.

Sin is our wrong attitude to God, which produces bad actions towards everyone; God, others, ourselves. It’s that which we label greed or pride or selfishness.

By Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection he has achieved what no one else can do. Everyone who feels the seriousness of their sin can come to him and ask Him to save them. There’s a carol we sing that expresses just that truth, “Cast out our sin and enter in. Be born in us today”.

Whatever else you forget this Christmas it really isn’t all that important. God has remembered us and has come for us. More than that He still comes to anyone who remembers Him and is willing to receive the greatest gift of all time.