Views from the Pews: Finding hope in our humanity

rev malcolm jackson

Sunday, 8th January 2017, 10:00 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 11:50 am
2nd Nov 2015 Whitby Profile Pictured the houses on Henrietta Street with St Mary's church in the background from the harbour in Whitby, Picture by Gerard Binks

All of us will have hopes and dreams about what we hope 2017 will bring.

I hope that the people of Syria (and particularly Aleppo), Turkey, the Holy Land, and all the nations in conflict find ways to bring about a real and lasting peace.

I hope that the millions of displaced people around the world find a place of welcome that they can call home.

I hope that abandoned and orphaned children are found and given good parents and guardians.

I dream that poverty and hunger can be eradicated from our world. I dream that the world’s resources may be used with equity and wise stewardship.

I dream that racial and religious prejudices would end in favour of understanding and tolerance.

I know my hopes and dreams are big ones that are unlikely to happen in 2017, but they are hopes and dreams that could and should be achieved in our world.

Unfortunately all powers and governments would need to agree to massive changes in economic, immigration, and religious policies.

There would be major legal and political barriers to be overcome, and there would need to be a genuine love for all humankind in order to change our world for the better.

Power, selfishness, and greed have been the main factors in all our worlds’ problems and until they are addressed nothing will change.

Many people will say how can we change things, we would have too much to lose.

However, in reality, humanity would have so much more to gain in a fair, equal, loving and peaceful world.

I write from my Christian point of view, but all the major religions have similar hopes and dreams for a world of peace. The violence, murder, and terror caused supposedly in the name of God has mainly been caused by extremists not by the mainstream faith groups.

I firmly believe that Jesus is the example for all people.

Whether you believe he was a prophet, the Son of God, or just a good man the reality is that the evidence shows Jesus by his words and example portrayed a kingdom far better than our earthly one.

A wayward world set aside from God throughout history has brought pain and suffering to the human race.

Jesus spoke out against those things separating us from God. The principles of loving God and loving your neighbour are the very essence of a caring, peaceful, and contented life.

Jesus said “follow me”. There lies the answer to Salvation and to the fulfilment of those hopes and dreams.