Views from the Pews: Taking a leap in the dark

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As you read these words there’s every chance that you will know the outcome of Thursday’s EU Referendum.

This vote has been described variously by campaigners on both sides as ‘the most important decision in a decade - a generation - a century - ever!’

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Danby Church''w131624b

This referendum on Europe has certainly caused something of a stir.

Of course I voted, but I have to say that I did so despite not being in full possession of the facts.

My vote was a best guess, you could even say a step of faith.

Oh I’ve been listening to the arguments, both for and against, spoken by the great and the good from the many corners of our own society and beyond.

I’ve even listened to various ‘celebrities and entertainers’ drafted in to bolster one camp or another, each telling us with the utmost conviction that their stance is the right one and the opposition are wrong.

Among all the strident voices there were a few who said something which struck a chord with me.

These ‘other’ voices said, “No one can know for sure what will happen whether the vote is to stay in or come out.”

For me this had a ring of truth about it. That each and every vote is a vote made in faith and the reality is that despite all the rhetoric, argument and to-ing and fro-ing we simply don’t know what the outcome of a win for either side will mean.

I couldn’t help but be struck by the irony. That in an age and culture which so often describes faith as being ‘blind’ and readily dismisses it out of hand as being without substance, we find that in this ‘most important’ of decisions, that whatever our vote we were all taking a leap in the dark!

Now having exercised your faith in answering the European question I would ask you to consider what I believe to be an even bigger question - the biggest question of all time and indeed eternity.

It was a question that Jesus put to His disciples in two parts. Who do people say that I am? Who do you say that I am?

Like me, you have listened to the evidence from both sides of the European divide and though the future is uncertain we have made our choice - we have voted in good faith.

Now I don’t know what you’ve heard or know about Jesus from others, or whether or not you’ve considered His life and claims; but now, as a ‘person of faith’, perhaps it’s time you took a look.