Views from the Pews: Share the love and things will change

Revd Capt Malcolm Jackson
Revd Capt Malcolm Jackson

There have been so many horror stories recently in world news. Terrorist attacks, killings by police officers in America and revenge killings, rejection and cruelty to millions of displaced people in the world.

The biggest argument put forward that led to Brexit was the immigration issue. Why?

Because we live in a world of mistrust, perhaps even fear of those we don’t know, those who are different, those we don’t really understand. All these things are effects of a selfish, merciless world far from the world it could and should be.

The way the world lives in general is contrary to the teachings of Jesus and has no place in the Kingdom of God.

The world has forgotten the better way to live, and people have chosen selfish desires, materialism, and separatism instead of compassion, equality, and community concern.

Giving ourselves in service of others is becoming less common, even attracting volunteers for community projects is getting harder.

Maybe because it can be very tiring caring for people.

It can be very tiring giving yourself in service of others.

It can be very tiring giving your all and seemingly getting little or nothing back in return. Even Jesus got tired of ministering to others he often went off alone to pray and recharge his batteries (so to speak).

We who are faithful, we who are followers of Jesus aren’t asked to go and perform miracles (although God could grant us that gift) we are asked to follow Jesus, to have compassion, to love God and neighbour and draw people to Him.

If people don’t hear about the love of Jesus, if people don’t see the difference God makes in our life, if we don’t help people recognise how much better life would be if we lived by the values of Gods kingdom, how are they ever going to know?

The better way is to lives full of the compassion of Jesus. We should show real concern for all people male or female, black or white, Christian or non-Christian, those we like and those we find difficult.

Being compassionate and caring takes time and energy but can be so rewarding too, particularly when you see their lives change for the better. Just share the love of Jesus and things will change.

The world will become less messy, less merciless, and more compassionate.

God bless you all.