Views from the Pews: Learning to trust in God’s word

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If there’s one thing we really hate it’s being lied to, deceived, cheated, conned, and generally being taken for a ride.

Is there anyone who will honestly tell us the truth? The TV series The X Files carried the tag line “The truth is out there”.

The real question is where?

An ever increasing scepticism has developed in recent decades.

So much so that many of us have lost any trust in those who we once expected to be truthful.

Not only politicians, but TV news, national papers, schools, local authorities, the police, and many more like them.

This scepticism is almost exclusively because each one of these “pillars of truth” have fallen spectacularly and publicly.

They are no longer trusted to tell the truth because they have stopped speaking the truth.

The most damaging lies of all have come from the mainstream Christian church.

Their lies are the most damaging because they not only harm people in the here and now, but crucially, in eternity.

The truth has been distorted and twisted for the sake of popularity and approval.

That’s always the motive behind every lie (think of why you have lied at times and you’ll agree that this is the case).

It’s not that the church no longer possesses the truth, it’s just that on the whole, the church doesn’t believe the truth.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is at hand for anyone who is willing to accept it. It is in the Holy Bible.

Why is the Bible the only place where true truth can be known?

Because it is the word of the one person in the entire universe who cannot and will not lie. God.

He has not left us ignorant of the truth but has written it down for everyone to read.

Truth about who we are and why we are here on this planet (God created us to enjoy Him). Truth about why this world is in such a mess (our sin and rejection of God).

Truth about who He is and why He came to us in the person we know as Jesus Christ (loving us enough to die for us so to save us from ourselves).

Truth about death and the realities that exist beyond death (all of us deserve hell). Truth about heaven and who will be there (there will be perfect joy for all who love Jesus Christ).

Do you really want to know the truth?

Then dust off your Bible and start reading (Mark’s Gospel is a good place to begin) and get along to a group of Bible Living Christians who are themselves only interested in the truth.