Views from the Pews: Good seed, good news

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West Cliff Congregational Church''w131417c

There are many things in life we are not sure about. For example, we cannot predict our future – what will you be when you grow up? What will the weather be like next Wednesday?

Will Liverpool FC win the 2016 football league? Will you grow to be 6ft tall?

Rev Mark Ladds organising donations at West Cliff Congreational Church''w135003c

Rev Mark Ladds organising donations at West Cliff Congreational Church''w135003c

There are lots of things we cannot be certain about. There are things that we do know will happen though.

For example, we know that it is now soon to get cold as winter is coming. Then after winter will come summer and it will be warm.

We know that tomorrow the sun will come again and the moon will follow yes every 24 hours a new day will come, These are certain to happen.

Why? Because God who made the heavens and the earth has promised it to be that way.

Also God promised that seedtime and harvest time would also come, and produce a great harvest for us to live on. We sometimes forget where the harvest, our food, comes from. We think it just comes from the shop.

We often forget in the business of our lives that it had to have grown somewhere first.

The truth is, if there were no harvest, there would be nothing to eat. That’s why once again we have just recently gathered to thank God for the harvest.

We take it for granted as well that if we put a seed in the ground it will sprout and grow. Have you ever thought how, or what makes it grow? Have you ever thought about that?

Most of us do at least know that the seed must be first put into the ground.

Back in the ancient days known as the 1960s, archaeologists found a handful of seeds that were 2000 years old, they were the seeds of a date palm, and they nicknamed the plant Methuselah, after the oldest person mentioned in the Bible who he lived to be 969 years old.

They found them in the ruins of King Herod’s fortress in Masada, near the Dead Sea. These seeds were then kept on a shelf for 40 years until one day they decided to see if they would grow.

So in 2005, after 2000 years they planted them in the ground and they were amazed as it did grow.

Reason, the seed will not grow until it is put into the ground.

Today’s scientists can take a seed topart and look at all the bits inside it; they can then even make a seed that looks just the same. There seed can have the right shape, size, and all the right bits in it and you would not know the difference.

But when the seeds are planted then you know the difference, there seed does not grow, that’s

because they can make a seed but not give it life.

Only God can do that as he promised and does, they cannot make it live, and produce a crop.

It is a mystery to the farmer and the scientist, that’s why we gather to thank God, for the harvest as it is

from him.

We thank God for the harvest, and that it is a promised Harvest.

Also we know the power behind the harvest, as only God can make it grow.

I want to also tell you, and I’ll keep it simple, about a people Harvest that the Bible speaks about that

we are truly thankful for even more.

The seed is the word of God… Good seed, good news.

The Bible says that because of our sin, we are bad and that’s why we die, because the wages of sin is death.

The Good news is that God promised he would make us alive but that did take someone to die and be put into the ground, a tomb to be exact, and just like the seed would not grow until it was put in the ground 2,000 years later. The good news is that Jesus was buried over 2,000 years ago and on the 3rd day was alive.

He did this to die on our behalf, to pay the price for our sins, and the promise, all those who believe in him will when buried in the ground come to life, and live with him for eternity.

Once again please just take a moment and think about what you have just read.

Think about creation; think about the mystery of a seed and how it grows only when planted in the ground.

Then think about what will happen to you when your body is laid in the ground.

Think and find out more about the good news in God’s Word, and about Jesus.

And as always if you have any questions please contact, or come see us at West Cliff Congregational Church.