Views from the Pews: Embrace love and forgiveness

Salvation Army Whitby. Norma Phillips.
Salvation Army Whitby. Norma Phillips.

norma phillips

Love one another, forgive one another. Forgiveness a big word and a word not often used: look at the Old Testament; there the word ‘salach’ means ‘to pardon,’ ‘to forgive,’ ‘to spare someone,’ ‘to relieve someone of the burden of their offense’.

This verb occurs about 50 times in the Old Testament, and in every occurrence it is God doing the forgiving.

David sought forgiveness, like many others such as Moses, Isaiah and Job all received forgiveness.

In the New Testament we are told ‘If we forgive others when they sin against us,’ this means that God will forgive us if we forgive, but will not if we fail to forgive.

Now that is good news that God forgives our sins, not because of what we do, but because Jesus died for us? The Lord’s Prayer has a line: ‘Forgive us our trespass [sin] as we forgive those who trespass [sin] against us.’

Ask God to reveal to you any sins you need to repent of. Receive his forgiveness and extend it, as you are able, to those who have wronged you.

Pray for forgiveness on a bigger scale, that centuries-old conflicts could be solved peaceably.

Today is Good Friday a day we remember that Jesus died a horrid, horrendous and hideous death for each one of us and what did he utter from the cross ‘Father forgive them.’

Father forgive them, he died that we might be forgiven, he paid the price that none of us could pay.

Are we harbouring un-forgiveness, holding grudges or thoughts of vengeance upon others?

Jesus died in such an agonising way for our sins, don’t let these acts of un-forgiveness ruin our lives.

This Easter let us forgive one another, give God all our failings, all our sins as we remember those words ‘Father forgive them.’

Now that is LOVE.

May God bless you all and have a Blessed Easter.