Views from the Pews: Determine your eternal destiny

Peter Robinson, new minister at the Evangelical Church''w141313a
Peter Robinson, new minister at the Evangelical Church''w141313a

Are you in or out?

No I am not talking about Brexit. Although that does seem to be the only topic of news.

Whether we remain in or come out of the EU is not the most important choice that we must make in life.

There are other much more vital decisions we each have to make during our lives. Each one having a huge and sometimes lifelong impact upon our happiness.

But there is one decision that most of us spend very little time considering.

We think that it is irrelevant, or perhaps that it’s just too confusing to be able to make a choice about, perhaps on a par with the coming EU referendum.

However both those conclusions are mistaken.

The most important decision that we must all make is whether we are in or out of Christ Jesus.

Why is it so important? It won’t affect my job prospects, my health, or the refugee crisis. Maybe. However it will affect your life in more ways then you can number and it will above all determine your eternal destiny.

All of us are outside of Christ Jesus by default.

No matter who we are; colour, class, gender, age or any other human classification, we are all cut off from the God who gave us life and each day sustains our life.

The cause of this alienation from God is due entirely to ourselves. By our self-centred thoughts, words and actions (“Sin” is the Bible’s word for this) we have contravened all that God wants, so that we can do all that we want.

From birth our hearts have gravitated towards sin and away from God’s good law.

The ultimate goal of such a lifestyle is self destructive up to the point when we leave this life to continue our existence in everlasting grief and regret (Hell is the Bible word for it).

The only way to change our life and destiny is if we are in Christ Jesus. He, Christ, took our sin upon himself and destroyed its power to govern our lives and to alienate us from God. He did this when he died in our place on the cross. He took the blame and paid the price which we deserve so that we could be forgiven and rescued from the judgement we all have to face.

To enter in is simplicity itself. Ask Christ Jesus to rescue you, and he will.