Views from the Pews: Creating unity, piece by piece

Salvation Army Whitby. Norma Phillips.
Salvation Army Whitby. Norma Phillips.

Jigsaws are one of my favourite hobbies, sadly I don’t seem to have the time to do them.

My next jigsaw was more a nature one with butterflies, wildflowers and poppies; and I thought of creation, the things God made and the beauty around us.

I have just finished a Wasgij jigsaw – The General Election.

As I opened the box there was a plastic bag with all the pieces, all colours, shapes and sizes; I started to think this was just like the world in its present state, broken and in turmoil, in confusion, the pieces represented the people of this world displaced, not connected, in turmoil not knowing where they belong.

Gradually after sorting the pieces and beginning to build the framework, we begin to see the picture emerge, pieces become connected and in unity form the picture, turmoil and displacement fade away.

We are at the moment a country of uncertainty, a country in turmoil and confusion but just like a box of jigsaw pieces by carefully sorting out and building we can come together in unity, there is a song that comes to mind ‘Give Him all the pieces, God can mend a broken heart’.

Thoughts went to Psalm 119 of how God’s word is wonderful and true, and we can trust and believe God’s Word. Verse 165 says: “Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble”. If we stay true to God and His word no matter how bad the world becomes that obedience to God’s laws is the only way to achieve real happiness, and peace of mind. Psalm 119 does not just change the readers; it enables them to influence their nations through God’s Word. Trust in God, He alone stands above the pressures of modern day living and gives us full assurance. God bless.